How do YOU define health?

What does your health mean to you? How do you define health? Is it relegated to the physical body and food only? What of your spiritual, creative, and relationship practices? How do these influence your feelings of overall well-being? When you go to the doctor what is your expectation? That he/she will fix you? That you are broken? That you need to be told what to do to accomplish maximum health? What is your health goal? To be a certain weight on the scale or to fit a certain clothing size?

I have so many questions for you!

I have been thinking about how we define health and our interaction with the healthcare system so much lately, for many reasons:

  • I am studying for a Health Coaching Certification from IIN

  • I have been working in the Health Care (insurance) industry for the past 4+ years

  • I have two 200HR yoga teacher training certifications under my belt

  • I begin studying for my 500HR yoga teacher training certification beginning this fall

All of these paths face me squarely with these questions and concerns about how we approach health care as an industry (the health plan / western medicine side of the house) and a collective body of people (the people and their own orientation to their own definitions of health), mainly in the United States, which I now starkly compare with the ancient system of yoga and Ayurveda (Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga and can be summed up as India's wholistic approach to a health care system). 

My ongoing adult education in conjunction with my childhood experience of health lends me to question our approach to health and wellness as a nation. As a child I was often sick with ear infections and pneumonia, as such I took many rounds of antibiotics and also was lucky enough to have parents that experimented with alternative medicine. I began seeing a naturopath and then finally my chronic symptoms abated. Now as I dive deep into the theory and philosophy of integrative nutrition I really begin to see how much more depth there is to our health in contrast to our narrow approach from a Western medicine point of view. 

Let's take for example, relationships, in the context of your health. How do your relationships feed you? Do they feed you? In what way? Spiritually? Or do they fill some black hole of loneliness and despair. AND based on the satisfaction level of your relationships (intimate, friends, family) how do you choose to feed yourself? More specifically, are your food choices to eat well and nourish yourself with whole foods and listen to satiety cues related or driven by your satisfaction levels in your relationships?

What do you think? I'd love to know! Truly, please reply with your comments below. Let's have this conversation together!